About Us

The Advanced Leadership Initiative takes a unique and deliberate approach to corporate diversity in Pittsburgh.

TALI's mission to build the pipeline of African Americans in executive leadership positions is critical and increasingly more important.

As a result of this Initiative, the development of African American leaders will foster in Pittsburgh:

Representation of African Americans in executive leadership roles.

More African Americans on corporate and non-profit boards

Deeper sense of community thus an increased desire for African Americans to remain in our region

Noticeable recognition of Pittsburgh as a diverse and inclusive business culture

 Engaged network of mentors and local leaders with demonstrated commitment to advancing diversity

A renewed spirit and sense of optimism among African American professionals

Through a partnership with Carnegie Mellon University, The Advanced Leadership Initiative presents the Executive Leadership Academy to address 360-degree leadership development, with a particular emphasis on the unique challenges faced by African American professionals .

This executive development program provides the tools, exposure, and training necessary to increase the visibility and success of high-performing African Americans so that they can contribute to their organizations — and our community — at the highest levels.

Learn more about the Executive Leadership Academy.

Early signs of change

59 Organizations in Pittsburgh actively supporting TALI as sponsors, board representatives, and executive mentors

51 High-potential African Americans in the Executive Leadership Academy cohort community

17 Top CEOs and leaders participating on TALI’s Corporate CEO Council

“TALI is the bold solution needed to rebuild confidence among rising African American leaders that Pittsburgh is a city that supports them as high-impact contributors in business and civic leadership.”
Greg Spencer
Founding Co-Chair, TALI
President and CEO, Randall Industries